We offer our staff unique and specialized training, ongoing support, a team approach, and networking with other community partners to make a real impact.

Training and Development

Given the sensitive and serious nature of our work, a major focus for Tikinagan is the development and training of our staff.

Tikinagan employees are supported and encouraged to develop themselves professionally. We regularly offer practical training sessions to support this goal. For example, in previous years we've offered courses in First Aid with CPR, Critical Decision Making in Child Protection Work, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention. Such sessions impart new skills and give our staff more confidence in their work.

Tikinagan provides a Child Welfare Professional Training Series to ensure family service workers and supervisors have a high level of knowledge and skills. The training concludes with an open book competency test to help workers know how to solve problems they encounter daily. Tikinagan is the only child care agency in Ontario that uses this test to certify its workers.

Tikinagan is working to develop training modules and tests to certify other staff positions as well. We encourage all of our staff to develop themselves to their full potential in order to provide the highest quality service to our clients.