Bd Chair Lorraine Crane
Tikinagan has an eight-member Board of Directors, which includes representatives from each of the following:
  • Keewaytinook Okimakanak First Nations Council
  • Windigo First Nations Council
  • Independent First Nations Alliance
  • Matawa First Nations Council
  • Shibogama First Nations Council
  • Sandy Lake First Nation
  • Lac Seul First Nation
  • Unaffiliated First Nations

Our Board of Directors is accountable to the Chiefs of the First Nations within Tikinagan's service area. The Board reports to the annual Tikinagan Chiefs Assembly on our services, operations and finance. Our Board Chair is Lorraine Crane of Slate Falls First Nation.


Elders Council

Elder Georgina Neshinapaise


An Elders Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Chiefs, our Board of Directors, our Senior Management Team and staff. It is composed of four Elders appointed by the Board. The place of Elders within our agency reflects the respect we have for our traditions and culture. Our Elders Council acts as "Keeper of the Vision" and supports our staff and management in maintaining our vision, goals and principles.

Elder Emily Gregg

Emily Gregg speaks about her role as a member of the Tikinagan Elders Council, and Tikinagan's role in helping children and families.

Elder Emily Gregg speaks about parenting

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Elder Emily Gregg talks about her upbringing, parenting at that time, self-reliance, and the traditional role of Elders in helping troubled families.