World Children's Day

Posted: November 19th, 2019

On November 20, Tikinagan Child & Family Services acknowledges World Children’s Day, promoting international togetherness and improving children's well-being.

“Child well-being is at the core of our work, and this is made possible when everyone is working together,” says Thelma Morris, Executive Director at Tikinagan. “We recognize this day, and we encourage everyone to support our children in our communities by giving them a voice they rightly deserve.”

Tikinagan is a First Nations child and family well-being agency, developed to provide child protection services that honour and respect First Nation values, traditions and culture. In our Mamow Obiki-ahwahsoowin service model, protecting and caring for children is a community responsibility – “everyone working together to raise our children.”

Tikinagan has the responsibility to uphold children’s rights by providing a safe place to live, clothing, regular dental and medical appointments, and access to schooling and recreational activities. However, we take our responsibilities further than basic needs. Using a Wee-chee-way-win Circle of Care, we ensure children feel safe and loved; are treated with dignity, respect, and understanding; and are involved in decision making. We also provide support and encouragement for achieving the dreams they have for their future.

Children inquiring about their rights while in care of Tikinagan can find more information by:

  • Downloading our Rights & Responsibilities Booklet at;
  • Talking to your Worker; or
  • Calling Tikinagan Child and Family Services to learn more about your rights at 1-800-465-3624 or (807) 737-3466

World Children’s Day, which is celebrated annually, was first established in 1954 by the United Nations. The UN website says the day offers an entry-point to promote and celebrate children's rights, translating into dialogues and actions that will build a better world for children.