Residential Treatment

Tikinagan operates two group residential treatment centres located in a First Nations environment open to youth placed in Tikinagan care. The centres offer structured residential programs to provide healing for serious substance abuse and/or behaviour difficulties. The programs focus on exercises and activities which encourage the acquisition of new skills and knowledge, and the youth's personal growth and development. Traditional teachings from the Elders and traditional land based activities make up important components of the healing model. The remote nature of the location allows the residents to focus on healing issues with a minimal number of distractions. It also means that the youth do not have to leave their home territory to access the help that they need.

Oshka-Teesuk Neehgan Healing Centre is located in Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug. Oshka-Teesuk Neehgan means "Youth First." This name was chosen because the program focuses on the youth's strengths and builds on them, encouraging the youth to succeed.

O-Shkee Meekena Youth Healing Centre is an eight bed facility located in Cat Lake First Nation. O-Shkee Meekena means "New Road." This name was chosen because the program aims to direct youth onto the "right road," rather than seeing them continue on the destructive road of substance abuse.

O-Shkee Meekena Youth Healing Centre is also open for referrals for youth through other agencies/organizations.

To inquire about placing a youth in O-Shkee Meekena Youth Healing, or for more information on the programs, please contact Intake at Tikinagan at:

T: 807-737-3466 or
T: 800-465-3624 (Toll Free)

You can also contact Greg Moe, Service Manager, directly at (807) 737-7400 ext 2210 or